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Muffin Tops, Bat Wings and Turkey Wattles

Wrinkles, flappy arms, baggy kneecaps — and exactly what is happening under my chin? If you are a woman of a certain age, you’ve undoubtedly been there, too. It seems the older we get, the harder we must work to keep things pushed up, squeezed in and smoothed out!

Put down the mom jeans …

Where you carry fat can make a big difference, especially as you age. It turns out extra weight in your thighs and backside may affect your ego when you’re trying on jeans, but thankfully, not your lifespan. That muffin top, on the other hand, can raise your risk of death, particularly if your natural waist measures more than 31.5 inches. As with any statistic, there are always exceptions: compared with white or black women, Latinas had lower death rates at any waist measurement or body mass index (BMI).

Your belly is not the only cause for concern. As estrogen levels drop after menopause, pockets of fat near the heart can also be a hazard for women as recent studies have shown a link between this type of fat and the risk of calcium build-up in the heart’s blood vessels.2 All the more reason dreams of ditching the high-waisted mom jeans shouldn’t be your only motivation to get in shape!

So what’s a woman to do? Move!

So if aging is inevitable, does that mean you have to resign yourself to a life of muffin tops, bat wings and turkey wattles? Of course not!

A recent research study found that women aged 64 and over who sat for more than 10 hours and got fewer than 40 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity showed cell age eight years older than their actual age.3 Walking briskly at least 150 minutes a week can improve weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in as little as 10 weeks.4

So walk the neighborhood, chase the grandkids, join a gym — anything to keep moving.

Health isn’t only skin deep

You’re not just changing on the outside, but inside, as well. It seems the older we get, the more prescriptions we have, and as we age, how our body processes that medication may change as well. As you age, medication is more likely to cause side effects and drug interactions.5 Be sure to stay in touch with your doctor and Health Mart pharmacist to be sure you are on the right type and dose of medications and report any side effects or concerns immediately.

No rocking chairs for you!

Wrinkles are a sign of the life we have lived, the worry, and the laughter. Wear them with pride as you continue to live a long, happy and active life!

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