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    Keep Your Child Healthy – Vaccinate!

    Once-eradicated diseases are making a dangerous return. Not delaying vaccinations and adhering the schedule recommended by your doctor protects your child before they can be exposed.

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    Here Comes the Sun, Grab the … Tomatoes?

    Ensuring your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun is important. Making sure you use a broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen that is at a minimum an SPF 30 is vital to keeping the sun’s damaging rays at bay and preventing everything from premature aging to malignant melanoma. But there are things you can do even on the cloudiest days to increase your skin’s protections against sun damage.  Read More >

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    Drip. Sniffle. Snort.

    It probably started with a little nasal drip. Maybe a sneeze. Then your eyes got red and itchy. And then you knew … pollen was back with a vengeance. But just because you happen to have a hyper-sensitive immune system, doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself inside until the snow flies again.  Read More >

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    Want a Better Health Outcome? Ask Questions.

    Asking questions, both of your doctor and your pharmacist, can lead to better health outcomes.   Read More >

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    Don’t Be a Statistic – Protect Your Heart!

    Of the 735,000 Americans who have a heart attack each year, for 525,000, it is their first heart attack. Are you putting yourself at risk?  Read More >

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