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    Keeping Score: Tracking Your Health Goals

    You know what you want, now create your personal roadmap to get there. Creating and maintaining a “health scorecard” can help you get started on your journey to improved health – and give you the push you need when the going gets tough.  Read More >

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    2020: Resolve to be a Healthier You

    ‘Tis the season – cakes, cookies, pie … oh, the goodies abound, don’t they? But then comes January and along with it, the onslaught of ads for miracle diets, gym memberships, and exercise gadgets that are going to make you a better version of you. If your sole aim is to lose weight at all costs, well, then break out your wallet. But if your goal is truly a better – and healthier – version of you, pick another New Year’s resolution.  Read More >

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    Who Should Be Screened for Diabetes?

    If you are showing symptoms of diabetes, it makes sense to see you doctor. But what if you are asymptomatic and do not have any risk factors? The American Diabetes Association recommends testing every three years beginning at the age of 45, even if you do not currently have symptoms. If you are overweight or have any additional risk factors, you should begin even earlier.  Read More >

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    4 Reasons You Should Choose an Independent Pharmacy

    You have undoubtedly shopped at a pharmacy chain before, and you know that your experience at a chain in New York City is going to be pretty much the same as at one you find in Topeka, Kansas. The same services, the same products — probably in pretty much the same location of the store.

    And that is exactly why you should choose an independent pharmacy.  Read More >

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    Teach Your Little Ones to Leave the Germs Behind

    If you have a child, you know what back to school time means. That’s right, a tsunami of germs is about to come in your door. Much as we love them, little ones tend to be germ magnets.  Read More >

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