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    Don’t Be a Statistic – Protect Your Heart!

    Of the 735,000 Americans who have a heart attack each year, for 525,000, it is their first heart attack. Are you putting yourself at risk?  Read More >

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    New Year’s Resolution: Be the Best You that You Can Be

    Your desire to live a long and healthy life shouldn’t be about what an ad, a product or a celebrity tells you everyone should look like or do. Aim to be the best you that you can be.  Read More >

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    Keep Your Diet on Track Through the Holidays

    Spring, summer, fall ... you worked hard, kept your diet in check and felt great. And then came the holidays, and you went – well, let’s just say it – a little off the rails. While it may feel like the holidays completely undo all the work you put in, you can indulge in the treats of the season with some planning.

      Read More >

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    Could You Have Diabetes and Not Know It?

    If left untreated, Type 2 diabetes can contribute to kidney disease, nerve damage, high blood pressure and stroke. Surely you would be aware if you were suffering from something so dangerous, right?  Read More >

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    Build Relationships for Better Health

    Being a smart patient can make big difference in your health. Part of being an informed patient is building strong relationships with your health care providers … so where does your pharmacist fit in the picture? Your local pharmacist is your most accessible and affordable health resource. Where else could you stop by without an appointment for a consultation tailored to your needs – for free!  Read More >

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