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    Honey, Are You Listening to Me?

    It may seem like your husband at times has selective hearing, but, according to research, the number of U.S. adults living with hearing loss has doubled since the 1980s. The statistics are even more sobering for men for whom hearing loss may be more common and severe than in women.   Read More >

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    Muffin Tops, Bat Wings and Turkey Wattles

    Where women carry fat can make a big difference, especially as you age. It turns out extra weight in your thighs and backside may affect your ego when you’re trying on jeans, but thankfully, not your lifespan. That muffin top, on the other hand, can raise your risk of death, particularly if your natural waist measures more than 31.5 inches.  Read More >

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    Warning: Extreme Allergy Season Ahead

    Spring misery has arrived early. So what can an allergy sufferer do besides stock up on antihistamines and tissues?   Read More >

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    The Future’s So Bright, You’ve Gotta Wear Shades

    Getting older doesn’t have to mean a dimmer future. Taking simple steps to protect your vision now can mean that the future really is so bright, you’ve got to wear shades!  Read More >

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    Are Your Emotions Putting Your Heart At Risk?

    While our focus on prevention, detection and treatment is paying off, cases of heart disease in the U.S have dropped by 20% in the past 40 years, heart disease is still the number one cause of death in men and women. Studies have shown that being emotionally healthy may be key in keeping your ticker ticking.  Read More >

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