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    There’s No Sugar Coating It — We’re Getting Fat.

    We’ve all heard the statistics. Americans are getting fat. Kids, young adults, the middle aged and seniors — we are all packing on the pounds.   Read More >

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    Are Your Kids Getting Enough Sleep? Chances Are No.

    Every parent has been there — the inevitable meltdown when your child gets overtired. But a temper tantrum isn’t the only downside to lack of sleep for your little one.The side effects of not enough sleepA lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, injuries, diabetes and obesity in kids. In teens and adults, lack of sleep can lead to depression.1,2Eight is not enough Even for your older children, getting eight hours of sleep is probably not adequate.   Read More >

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    (Don’t) Burn, Baby, Burn!

    Skin cancer rates are on the rise, and it has become the most common form of cancer in the U.S. Yet more than a third of the country’s adult population has reported at least one sunburn in the past year, a clear sign of exposure to dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays.How much is too much?We’ve all heard the phrase “a healthy glow” about a golden tan, but tanning — whether from the sun or a tanning bed — is far from healthy. Tanning increases your risk of:Premature skin aging — wrinkles and age spots...  Read More >

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    Honey, Are You Listening to Me?

    It may seem like your husband at times has selective hearing, but, according to research, the number of U.S. adults living with hearing loss has doubled since the 1980s. The statistics are even more sobering for men for whom hearing loss may be more common and severe than in women.   Read More >

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    Muffin Tops, Bat Wings and Turkey Wattles

    Where women carry fat can make a big difference, especially as you age. It turns out extra weight in your thighs and backside may affect your ego when you’re trying on jeans, but thankfully, not your lifespan. That muffin top, on the other hand, can raise your risk of death, particularly if your natural waist measures more than 31.5 inches.  Read More >

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