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    Make Your Health Mart Pharmacist Part of Your Healthcare Team

    Health Mart pharmacists are able to provide the knowledge that you can rely on and the care you deserve. Our pharmacists benefit from extensive training making us experts when it comes to your care.

    In addition to partnering with health care providers to gain a more holistic view of your health care needs, Health Mart pharmacists work with you by sharing specialized expertise and medication therapy reviews as well as providing a variety of clinical services. By connecting with our patients, Health Mart pharmacists are able to find ways to save you money and help make understanding your prescription coverage simple. Our focus on keeping you well and helping you better manage your health allows Health Mart pharmacists to act as a source of trusted advice within our communities.  Read More >

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    Fight the Flu this Fall

    In the words of poet William Bryant, “Autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile.” From the changing foliage and apple picking to pumpkin carving and football, fall offers fun activates for everyone. Unfortunately, fall is also the start of flu season, and being sidelined because you are stuffed up, have a cough and chills, or worse is never ideal.  Read More >

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    When Fall Allergies Strike

    School is back in session and your kids are coming home with more than just homework. Sniffles and sneezing, scratchy throats and itchy eyes — all point to fall allergies. Up to 40% of children in the U.S.   Read More >

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    Back To School: Health and Safety Checklist

    Notebooks? Check! Backpack? Check! As you and your family prepare to head back to school, we’ve put together a helpful checklist to ensure your child has a safe and healthy school year.  Read More >

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    Sun Safety 101

    Temperatures are on the rise overall and while we are focused on enjoying the good weather, it’s easy to forget to keep up with the heat. The good news is that being aware of the symptoms and knowing how to prevent them is simple and means you will be able to enjoy yourself all season.Know when you are in hot water.  Read More >

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